Terre Haute Living July/August 2012 : Page 3

There’s something special about a newspaper being delivered to your door. You wake up, shuffle to the door and pick up a small, neatly packaged stack of news, then sit at the kitchen table sipping coffee and read about Terre Haute. You interact with it in a way that you can’t with anything else. Not TV, not the internet, not email. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy technology. We have a website, we deliver the top headlines to your email every morning as well, and we enjoy the benefits of those things. You should, too. But the tangible, handy, printed newspaper is something that will always be a part of our lives. It’s one of the few pleasures that’s still relevant, affordable, enlightening and entertaining. The Tribune Star has been a part of the community delivering the whole story everyday for over 100 years and we’ll be here for you for the next hundred. Subscribe today: (812)231-4200

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